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The Mekaflex Group produces high-quality wood and wood-based products for interior fittings
We are one of the world's leading suppliers of laminate floorings.


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laminate flooring - certified quality and sustainable forestry

Mekaflex laminate flooring products are certified, high-quality goods which are exclusively produced using wood from sustainable forestry in Germany.

Warp Framework

Eco System

An ecological production cycle at the integrated site in Baruth, near Berlin.

From the delivery of the raw wood material from the nearby forest to the dispatch of the finished product, the entire production process for Mekaflex laminate floorings takes place at the integrated production site of Baruth, near Berlin.



"Sustainability" was a decisive factor when the site was selected around 10 years ago. As well as proximity to suppliers, the immediate proximity to the raw wood material was an essential criterion in the selection of the site

Mekaflex and the connected MDF factory belonging to Fiberboard GmbH today benefit from wood obtained from the sustainable forestry methods of the Brandenburg forests in the immediate area.



Low-in-emissions production of laminate flooring at the integrated production site in Baruth

The Baruth production site forms the basis for the low-in-emissions production of laminate floorings by the Mekaflex.

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